Kleber de Burgos, Environmental Journalist, (Brazilian registration FENAJ/DF, DRT/PE 3567), Natural History Photographer, and Producer of Visual Arts (Municipality of Recife Official Gazette, Issue 128, Ordinance 13), primarily operates in the planning, coordination and organization of ecological assessments and socio-environmental studies, to be published as books designed to disseminate scientific information to a general audience.

Graduated in Social Communication, member of the Brazilian National Council of Environmental Defense (CNDA), International Wader Study Group (IWGS), Brazilian Association of Nature Photographers (AFNatura), and Project Coordinator for the Center of Water and Nature Defense of State of Pernambuco (CEDAN), Kleber has produced relevant documentaries, some jointly made with distinguished scientists, offering important information subsidies for researches dealing with the conservation of the natural resources of Brazilian biomes, especially from Northeastern Brazil.